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RokSprocket needs the RokCommon Library and Plug-in installed and enabled. The RokCommon System Plug-in needs to be before the RokSprocket System Plug-in in the Plug-in Manager

D-Blast precision sandblasting and ultrasonic cleaning

D-Blast is the market leader in specialized precision sandblasting and ultrasonic cleaning in the Netherlands.
Focused on creating solutions for industrial products we have received recognition and confidence from various accredited companies that are active in the fields of PVD/CVD, chemical, automotive and the healthcare industry.

Through the combination of our expertise, reliability and competitive rates, D-Blast is able to meet the criteria of the most demanding projects. By operating a production facilty in Poland, D-Blast has been able to achieve untouchable competitive rates.

Let D-Blast work with you in creating a cost effective solution with the workings of a competent and reliable partner. Allowing you to focus
on your core business and expertise is our main goal so do not hesitate to contact us.

“Let your problems be our solutions.”